Perch ~ Poised atop the Pershing building in downtown LA perch offers Frenchified food and a happy hour with an amazing view! Kir Royal, cassulet, and more on the 15th floor. featured post *tasteologie

Perch ~ Poised atop the Pershing building in downtown LA perch offers Frenchified food and a happy hour with an amazing view! Kir Royal, cassulet, and more on the 15th floor.

August 24th, 2011

After the dust up and shady closing of their previous venture The Must, Coly Den Haan and Rachel Thomas have literally landed on top (of the Pershing Building).  Perch, located just a block North of the metro and Pershing Square, offers a  rare Los Angeles opportunity... truly convenient public transportation and beautiful rooftop dining that doesn't take itself too seriously.  This new Frenchified nightspot has a full restaurant and bar inside, but its coup de grâs is certainly its magnificent outdoor patio.

This is how my view from the rooftop patio of Perch started out...
... but after a little time with their "Apértif Hour" menu...
... it quickly turned into this.
The arrival of a Creme de Cassis Kir Royal and a friend improved the view even more.
There is a playful fun French atmosphere to Perch. I first noticed that the music playing in the background was mostly French or at least France adjacent. I distinctly remember hearing both Yelle's "Je Veux Te Voir" (definitlely French) and the theme song to Coupling, "Quizás, Quizás, Quizás" (definitely close to France). Even our waitress was half French and wore a subtlety French maid inspired apron. Instead of mixed nuts they served a Mélange de Noix, which were studded with hot peppers and deliciously spicy in whatever language you want to call them.
In order to watch the late summer sunset we decided to stay and order dinner. I have a certain weakness for menu humor so soon our waitress was bringing orders of Le Cheese Dip and the Duck, Duck, Goose to our table.
Le Cheese Dip was a cute presentation of fondue made with a blend of cheddar cheeses, Gilroy garlic, and the beer I happened to be drinking, the Kronenberg 1664.
The Duck, Duck, Goose was delicious. They are mini club sandwiches made with duck, duck bacon, and a dab of gooseberry jam. The chunky slices of honey bread are wonderful as well, if a little inelegant to bite through.
Scanning through the entrees we settled upon his and her's cassulets... the wild mushroom and the pork confit.
Cassulet originated as a rustic dish of beans, vegetables, and whatever meat was on hand. Perch makes theirs with a beautifully braised maple cured pork belly, cracklings, and duck confit. Though it looks like a jumble on the plate, it is a delicious one... the flavors both blend together and stand out for little solos as your explore the plate.
The vegetarian version replaces the pork and duck with a mix of mushrooms, dates, tomatoes, and soy sausage.
Fireside beignets are a great conclusion to nearly anything. They served theirs with a delightful espresso whipped cream and a wild strawberry jam. The jam was nice and tart and not overly sweet... the perfect companion to the light pillows of French fried dough.
Linger long enough and you are treated to a truly unique downtown sunset. The light and the reflections off the buildings change rapidly as the night wears on. The design and service of our little rooftop Perch, somehow created an intimate landscape in the middle of a city of millions.
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