A closer look at some of the beer made specifically for Montage Deer Valley in which we meet the hotel, the brewer, and an adorable dog.  featured post *tasteologie

A closer look at some of the beer made specifically for Montage Deer Valley in which we meet the hotel, the brewer, and an adorable dog.

September 26th, 2011

Los Angeles has many things... great restaurants, beaches, hundreds of days of sunshine each year... but one thing it most decidedly lacks is Fall. The days get a little shorter, the nights a little cooler, a few of the trees even lose their leaves, but there isn't that crispness, that clear marker for change, that unmistakable explosion of yellows, reds, and browns.  So as the equinox approached I was both a little homesick for New England and delighted when Montage invited us up to their new Deer Valley resort to get a taste of their first fall up in Utah.

After a short flight and a 8000 foot change in elevation I arrived to a well appointed suite at the resort. After a brief rest to catch my breath in the thin air we headed down the mountain to go into Park City.
Our first stop was the Wasatch Brewery. In just a short time since opening, Montage has already started to bond with the community and connect to the rich history of the area. They've teamed up with the brewery to make a few custom ales available exclusively at the resort. Together they have come up with Monty's Belgian White and Montage Mountain Ale, which is brewed right here in town.
The centerpiece of their operation is this beautiful hand pounded copper kettle. The metal with its highly conductive properties slightly changes the brewing process.
Utah and beer, or any alcohol for that matter, are not a common association. Wasatch's founder Greg Schirf left Wisconsin, the state with the highest beer consumption per capita in the country, and hitchhiked his way over to Utah, the state with lowest beer consumption per capita in the country. He naturally found no brewery in his new home, and after working in construction and maturing with the city, he decided to do the unthinkable and found one.
Park City has always stood in a sort of opposition to Salt Lake City. It was established by a regiment of soldiers in the build up to the civil war so that they could keep an eye on the Mormons in the valley below. Wasatch has continued this gentle opposition with its mere existence and clever marketing touches including the Polygamy Porter.
When asked about possibly alienating buyers with this approach, founder Greg Schirf simply smiled and said "You can't lose a customer that you'll never have". The ribbing continues with their imperial stout, Outer Darkness. It is deliciously malty and chocolatey with clear notes of toffee and is named after the Mormon version of hell.
The Montage Mountain Ale seen here on tap at Daly's, the Montage's own in house pub, is an American amber ale. Utah law requires draft beers to be under 3.2 % alcohol so this is a low gravity session ale perfect for enjoying in large quantities!
Their Belgian White features the hotel's mascot and is both wonderfully smooth and spicy. It's flavored with healthy amounts of orange peel and coriander and they describe it as "kind of like Blue Moon, but bigger, better, and bolder". They are not wrong.
I actually got to meet Monty back at the lobby of the hotel and he seemed to be genuinely happy about the brew as well as the salt on my hand.
The ale is best enjoyed with a slice of orange and 8000 feet above sea level at the Montage Deer Valley's Vista Lounge. It's the perfect way to enjoy a fall evening and learn a little more about the hotel, the brewery, and Park City, Utah.
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